The Bug Out Bag: A Basic Prerequisite for Survival

Are you a survival newbie? If so, you are probably just getting acquainted with the basics. A bug out bag will be one of the prerequisites for survival under all kinds of emergency conditions. Learning what it is and how to use the bug out bag for survival will be essential.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Bug Out Bag
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Bug Out Bag Contents Overview
This portable and easy to carry kit contains all of the essentials for human survival over a period of 72 hours. The bug out bag is not designed to ensure long-term survival.

It simply delivers the resources that will be needed for evacuation or until a person gets discovered and rescued. The content of the bag varies and each survivalist has a particular approach.

There are, however, some essential items that will need to find their way in the kit. Some of the most important item categories to include in the bug out bag include water and food, warm clothes, shelter gear, a medical kit, basic survival gear and items that will be needed for protection or hunting.

Bug Out Bag Kit – Tips for Putting a Bug Out Bag Together
Creating your bug out bag will be exciting but the task could also get to be overwhelming. Understanding the essential categories and the most crucial items in each will simplify the task and help you control the number of items to include in the kit.

Start by choosing a high quality outdoor bag or backpack. It should be waterproof and large enough to accommodate the survival gear.

At the same time, you will have to make sure that you will be comfortable carrying the weight of the survival kit. A backpack that is suitable for outdoor purposes should come in natural colors. Avoid anything that is overly-bright and colorful. Purchase a basic medical kit. This is the first component of the bug out bag.

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Additionally, you should prepare a bag containing some essential clothing items like warm socks, underwear, t-shirts and at least one jacket. The basic survival gear you will need could include the following: matches in a plastic wrap, a flashlight, rain gear, cooking equipment and a survival knife.

You can also include maps, survival literature, bedding items, blankets, batteries, a crank-operated radio and a fully-charged mobile phone. A machete, parachute cord, a small hammer and a portable shovel, some kind of weapon, water and non-perishable food items will make your bug out bag complete.

Several Other Tips and Suggestions
It seems like a bug out bag should contain a large number of essential items. Remember that its aim is different from guaranteeing long-term survival. Pick the things that you will need to move around, to evacuate yourself or to find emergency assistance.

Keep it simple! The items in the bag should guarantee your self-sufficiency. Avoid gear and equipment that will work alongside other items you might be missing.

The bug out bag will help you in the case of natural disasters, terrorism, an outdoor emergency or another type of emergency. Õrder and limiting yourself when making purchases will increase usability. Double check everything and make sure that all of the items in the bug out bag are functional and damage-free.

You never know when you might be needing the survival gear. Keeping everything in good condition will increase your chances of success significantly..