Survival Skills – Why You Need Them In a Crisis?

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The premise of the Family Survival Course is to teach families some vital survival skills in the event of a natural or other type of disaster.  

The writer of the course, Jason Richards, took a good look at what happened when hurricane Katrina hit and how the people of the Gulf Coast needed these basic survival skills.

Most of these people were so unprepared just to take care of their basic needs.  The same when the hurricanes hit the east coast over the past couple of years.

Too often, families rely on the way things are right now for survival. They don’t have a survival guide in place, any survival training and let a lone a survival kit at their disposal.  

They rely on being able to flip a switch and have electricity or turn a faucet for water or run to the local grocery store for food.  What if a disaster occurred and these basic things were not available?

What if you could not get to the grocery store for your very basic needs, or flip a switch for electricity or turn on a faucet for water?  What would you do?  It really is simple, according to Jason Richards, author of the Family Survival Course.

Survival skills are vital to learn now, before a disaster occurs. Good survival skills include learning things that are simple rather than hard to do in the event you need them.

The first thing you should consider is the food you have available.  Sure, you can buy up convenient prepackaged food that is chock full of sodium and fat and probably has a long shelf life, but it is not nutritious food.

In an emergency, you need to be able to put top nutrition in your body to help your body fight infections and be stronger and more able to deal with life. The course aims to help people to prepare for times of need by teaching the basic survival skills needed to survive and thrive.

By learning how to deal with food and meals, you are taking care of a lot of your basic survival needs. Food and meals is one thing, but learning what herbs help with health conditions is another.

There are certain foods you should buy and store in the event of an emergency.  There are certain foods you can prepare and grow to help in your food storage pantry.  Water is another concern because we need water daily.

Learning how to purify your own water will help to keep you and your family hydrated.

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