Survival Skills Everyone in Your Family Must Know

While you don’t need the brilliance of Bear Grylls for survival in the wild, there are some emergency essential skills everyone should have. These survival skills will ensure that you aren’t completely lost if you do find you are stuck in a survival situation.  After all, those who survive will be the ones who can adapt to the situation. 

Survival Skills
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Everyone in Your Family Must Know

Finding Water

Imagine the tap water was the target of a terrorist attack and you are out of gallons of water. What next? Chances are, the rivers and parks aren’t going to have safe water, so what do you do?

The answer is to tap into the truck of a tree and potentially find clean water you can use. Just make sure you further purify it so you aren’t consuming anything dangerous. Or use a lifeStraw which is our recommended way of purifying  water.

Starting a Fire

What do you do when there aren’t any matches you can use to start a fire? The answer is start your own. You’ll want to use flint, steel or even the power of the sun to help start a fire so you can cookfood and keep warm.  It’s also not a bad idea to invest in some fire laces. They are great and very to start a fire.

Build a Shelter

Shelter building survival skills are also critical. Not only should you have the skills to create a space debris hut with limited resources, but you should also know how to create the protection so wildlife and other enemies can’t find you. In an act of terrorism, the people looking for survivors aren’t often there to save them.

First Aid in the Wild

Do you know what plants can help with nausea? What plants can help you to stop bleeding in a pinch? There are plenty of natural plants that can save your life in the wild. It is important that you and your family understand these items, so that you can save each other’s lives if necessary.


Basic hunting and fishing survival skills are essential. After all, the protein from meat is critical for those who want to survive. To do this, you need to think beyond the obvious. Spears, handcrafted knives and other items can help you to kill the animals you need for food.

These are the core survival skills you need in order to survive in the wild. Take the time to brush up on these skills with your family in order to ensure everyone will survive..