Survival Gear – 6 Essentials You’ll Need

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Whether you enjoy getting out and experiencing the excitement of the wild or you want to be prepared for an emergency situation, having the right survival gear is essential.

If you start looking for gear, you’ll quickly find that there are hundreds or thousands of survival products to choose from. To make it easy for you, here is a look at some of the most important survival gear essentials to have on hand.

Quality Flashlight

One great piece of gear to have is a quality flashlight. You may need to be able to find your way at night or you may need some light in dark forests or dim caves.

Having some good light can offer some protection from animals while also helping you to prevent injuries from obstacles you aren’t able to see.

In some situations, your flashlight could even help you signal someone for help.Along with your flashlight, make sure you also carry some spare batteries.

Fire Starting Kit

Another piece of gear to have is a good fire starting kit. It is an essential piece of gear you’ll need to survive. You can purchase a kit, have some fire paste on hand or you can purchase some waterproof matches. Many people choose to carry all three, since fire is so important to your survival.

Not only can you use fire to cook, but it can be used to keep you warm, as a signal, to help repel insects and to help you boil water.


A third piece if gear is food. Of course, when you need to survive in the wilderness, you’ll definitely need to have some food on hand, even though you may be able to hunt and forage. Carrying MREs or high energy protein bars is an excellent idea. They can offer you the energy and sustenance you need in emergencies.

You may need to use them while you’re trying to hunt or forage for other food.

Multipurpose Tool

A fourth piece of gear is a multipurpose tool. A good multipurpose tool is an excellent piece of survival gear to have on hand, since it offers one small device that offers many different tools. It’s a good idea to look for one that has a small mini saw, which will help you easily cut through vines and wood in the wild.

Some of the other tools you may want to have on your multipurpose tool include knife blades, screwdrivers, bottle openers, pliers and tweezers.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is the fifth piece of gear to have. Having a first aid kit on hand is essential for your survival and even a small survival kit can be a huge help. Small injuries can quickly become extremely dangerous to your survival if they are not treated properly. Make sure you have a high quality first aid kit that offers the ability to treat a wide range of injuries.

Durable Knife

The six piece of gear is to have is a durable knife. You’ll also want to have a durable knife as a part of your survival gear. With a good knife, you can cut through tough things, use it to fish or hunt and can skin up game with ease. A knife can also help you defend yourself against predators in the wild.

Look for a knife that will hold up well in the elements, since you’ll be using it while working to survive in the wild..