Survival Food – What is Survival Food?

So What is survival food?

Survival Food
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In today’s world where it is hard to know the future, it is important that we spend the time to stock up on food.

Many experts say that in an emergency you should always prepare and have at least a three day supply of food on hand. In the Mormon religion many people stock up on food for six months.

Others who are worried about changes in the world, the zombie apocalypse or some major natural disaster stock up food for months, even years, to make sure they are ready when the end of the world comes.

Many people wonder what kind of food they should be stocking up on. So many resources say so many different things about the types of foods you should be stocking that choosing the right information can be a little overwhelming.

The first real rule of thumb when stocking up on food is stock up on food that you are actually going to eat. For an example if you are an avid coffee drinker, then stocking up on coffee is a good idea, as well as cream and sugar. There are other staples as well.

If you have kids or cook a lot, then you may want to stock up on powdered milk, and powdered eggs, baking mixes and the like. You just never know when you may need these staples.

The next thing to think about when considering survival food is what kind of food, and how much to stock up on. There are many different kinds of emergency food supplies. There are numerous supplies of freeze dried foods, emergency rations, etc. Some of these are good, and don’t take up much room, but again, if you aren’t going to use them, then what good are they?

Canned food is good. There are plenty of different kinds of canned foods, fruit and vegetables, meat, soups, etc. However the main problem with canned goods is that they take up a lot of room. You may want to dedicate a spare room or storage space to collecting your emergency food.

While this is all good, you also need to stock up on water. You can live without food for over a week, but you can’t go without water for more than a few days. In addition, if you are stocking up on dried goods, you are going to need water to reconstitute your dry supplies, and of course you’re going to need water for your coffee and dried milk.

Another thing you may want to keep in mind is some way to cook your food stocks. Gas or electric service may be out for awhile, but you still want to be able to cook safely.

There are many different resources you can use to decide what kinds of survival food you should be stocking up on. You can find retailers, both brick and mortar stores and online websites that can help you stock up on just about everything you need in emergency supplies.

It is important that you are prepared for any emergency, so start as soon as you are able.