RFID Blocker – Protect your Funds from Hackers

No matter how safe you try to be, there will always be predators looking for new ways to steal your money. With the arrival of the Internet and technology, a whole new wave of crime has

RFID Blocker

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manifested. Keeping a bank card or a charge card tucked inside of a pocket can be as dangerous as holding cash in your hands. As hard as it may seem to fight a devious mind, there is a step of precaution that you can take. It is called the RFID Blocker.

What is RFID?

RFID is an abbreviation for Radio Frequency IDentification. These small chips are taking the place of bar codes and magnetic strips that read information.

Although this method of reading cards, tags, or other types of identification has existed for over 50 years, RFID has been a point of controversy in its use. The equipment needed to read a chip was once expensive and could overlap with other radio frequencies.

However, the cyber world is always looking for better ways to serve the public and many bank cards and credit cards now carry this device.

Why is RFID Susceptible to Theft?

Most people have a difficult time believing what they cannot see. Keeping credit cards on your person or in a bag does not prevent a thief with an RFID reader from accessing your card information. Able to read all of the information on a card’s chip from 20 feet away, an RFID reader can also penetrate clothing and wallets. Think of going through a security point at an airport.

Protecting your Data

There are very few ways to protect a card from being exposed to hackers. One is to not carry cards at all. Or you could place in a microwave and zap. However, 1 second too long and you could turn your card into ashes. The most sensible solution is to use an RFID Blocker.

An RFID Blocker is a plastic sleeve, made of special alloys, which neutralize the frequency signals that have been plugged into your card. This material is so safe that government officials use them to protect sensitive information.

Having an RFID Blocker is like carrying around a safe, but much stronger in its ability to protect your data. With identity theft growing rampant as technology improves, using an RFID Blocker, each weighing .5 ounces can make the difference in what your future holds.

At a cost of less than $10, this card holder is an inexpensive way of having your own insurance policy in fighting crime.

Choose U.S. made and be sure to receive a guarantee to avoid copycats that hope to cash in on security measures..