POD-X1 Jump Starter – Car Battery Power On Demand

It’s something that has actually taken place to everyone no matter how mindful we are. Just leaving the lights on when you park your vehicle making the charge drain totally from the battery and

Jump Starter

POD-X1 Car Jump Starter

leave it not able to begin when you return to it. Whether you have actually left your car lights on in the driveway or in the grocery store parking area, a dead battery infers the exact same thing– you’re going no place.

Fortunately, most individuals are practical adequate to have a set of jumper cables or a jump starter in their vehicle at all times and this suggests that under conditions where your battery is flat you can constantly get a charge to get your car running from another vehicle driver.

In the most easy of applications, a jump starter works by connecting a backup battery onto the electrical starter of your automobile and utilizing the charge from the jump starter to obtain the preliminary stimulate into your engine to permit it to start when your battery is totally released.

In the past, many individuals counted on an easier technique of making use of a pair of wires with a crocodile clip at either end and connecting them to the battery of another vehicle. However, in the modern-day world, when you can not depend on having the ability to locate somebody to assist you, as well as not knowing that the power supply on their engine works with yours, you actually require a devoted jump starter on hand to ensure that you can get your motor running in an emergency situation.

As a result, you usually have to invest a little bit more than previously on jump starters. However, the most recent designs include some new capabilities and are robust enough to last for many years.

POD-X1 Car Jump Starter

You can get a fundamental jump starter for just $70.97 from SurvivalFrog  and have a gadget that you can count on in an emergency situation to provide you a jump from another vehicle in order to get you started.

In short while winter will be in full effect, complete with snow, cloudy skies, and bitter cold.

And with the sub-zero temperatures come tons of problems.

One of the biggest (and scariest) are dead car batteries.

The good news is with the POD-X1 power bank in hand you’ll never need to worry about a dead battery again.

That’s because this tiny power bank (weighs only 8 oz.) is powerful enough to jumpstart a 10,000-pound truck up to 20 times on 1 charge.

It will also power USB powered devices like phones, tablets, cameras and more multiple times over.

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Small enough to fit in a glove box, a purse, or your pocket the POD-X1 is a great gift for loved ones.

Perfect for students, first emergency responders, sons, daughters, grandparents and more it makes a great stocking stuffer.

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