Paracord Survival Kit Review – The Key Uses

Your paracord survival kit just arrived in today’s mail. What now? Most of us will open the package and

Paracord Survival Kit
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glance at the 550 pound paracord that surrounds 13 items ideal for survival in emergency situations. It’s a clever way to combine the items into a compact shape that’s easy to carry around. Stuff it into a pocket or add it to your pack using an extra carabiner that is hanging around the house, or simply use the one included with the kit.

Paracord Survival Kit  – What You Get

What does it take to survive? Food, warmth, water, and a way to send a message for help are four essential needs included in the paracord survival kit. Unwrap the cord to find the following items: cotton tinder, weights (2), fishing hooks, floats (2), swivels (2), fishing lines, a carabiner, a knife blade, tin foil, and fire starter.

Over nine feet of 550 paracord offers many uses. It is strong because it’s rated to hold up to 550 lbs. The sheath over the cords has a 300 lb. rating. The seven inner strands are each made from a pair of twisted strings that are rated at an ability to hold 17.5 lbs. Each composite string can hold 35 lbs. There’s 60 feet of cord if the strands are used separately instead of in their sheathed form.

Create a friction saw with a strand of cord from the paracord survival kit. Move the length of cord back and forth quickly over a nylon strap or piece of cord until the friction causes the item being cut to melt through.

Estimate the amount of cord you need for each project. Supplies are an easy target for critters. Braid a small rope to hold food supplies off the ground.

The ultimate paracord survival kit, this little package packs a lot of power by providing the confidence that you’re ready for an emergency situation. It’s a must have for every emergency bag because there’s seldom time to gather what you need if you have to leave a site quickly. You may even be tempted to get an extra one or two kits.

Tin foil is a good way to signal for help. Tie a piece to a strand of paracord and attach the other end of the strand to an outer branch. The breeze tosses the foil back and forth in the open area. The foil reflects the sun, attracting attention and bringing assistance. Use another piece of the foil to collect and hold water.

Fishing supplies, including fishing line, swivels, and hooks, are provided in the paracord survival kit so you can catch fish for eating. Use the tin foil for an emergency solar oven. Take four small branches and lash them together with strands of paracord to form a small square. Put a sheet of foil on the square and put the cleaned fish on it. Cover it with a small, tented foil shape and let the sun cook up your meal.

Use the knife, tinder, and fire starter to make a fire outdoors for heat, protection, cooking, and as a signal for help.

The paracord survival kit is a terrific survival tool for military personnel and anyone who enjoys backpacking or camping. A bonus video and PDF provide instructions for using the inner strands, and tips for “101 Paracord Uses”..

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