Jason Richards – The Family Survival Course Expert Exposed

What would it be worth to you if you were to find a Family Survival Course that would help you and your during disasters?

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Well, Jason Richards has written one that will go a long way toward helping you and your family stay safe during a crisis whether it is inclement weather or other natural disasters, financial in nature or caused by other forces that are beyond your control. His survival course is affordable, well researched and one of the best on the market these days.

Jason Richards served his country as a U.S. Marine for 23 years, and his is the founder of the Family Survival Course and Survive Food Crisis. He has committed much time and effort into researching the impending food shortage, and he is passionate about teaching anyone who will listen tactics they can use to protect their families against the many dangers that will ensue.

He offers many examples of what can happen when you are prepared. Those examples include: the catastrophic results of hurricane Katrina that left thousands of people without safe drinking water and food for weeks.

Jason Richards points to changes that are currently taking place in the United States which may soon turn the area of the country known as the breadbasket of the world into the exact opposite. Rice crop production has fallen by as much as 40%, and we are importing a minimum of one third our food.

In addition to that, Mr Richards points out how food prices have dramatically increased in recent years, partly due to increases in oil prices and the unstable economy. Experts recommend that families be prepared for whatever might happen, and discourage people from allowing themselves to become vulnerable during disasters.

Jason Richards extremely simple techniques in his Family Survival Course can help you turn your home into a fortress just by using what you already have on hand. It is astonishing for some when they discover the hidden strategies found in this survival training course.

Things you may have never thought about will become crystal clear and have been proven to be effective in keeping your supplies fresh and ready to use just like they were when you stored them.

Some of the techniques you will learn is how to remain warm in your home even when there is no power available through the grid. The course includes everything you will need to know to protect all those you love when disaster strikes and during the coming food crisis that is expected to last for a long time.

Along with everything else, you will find out some self-defense techniques using items in your home to help you fight when disaster strikes.

In addition to everything else, Jason Richards, Family Survival Course has detailed information you will need to buy the most beneficial food items you will need, all for under $300.

You will learn how to have full control over your food and water supplies and prevent others from coming on your property to take what is yours after you read this training course


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  1. Yes, I guess if you want to buy a “survival” course from a hype guy, an infomercial-type guy, this might be the solution for you. But believe me, there are far better options out there – REAL urban survival courses that would benefit you a lot more.
    Regardless, prepare – and prepare now.

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