Homemade Survival Gears

If you are planning on an outdoor adventure, you need to be prepared with survival gears. However, it is not necessary to buys all of the gears that you will need. Many of these items, can be homemade without spending a

Survival gears, AMK-PSP-Plus-12

 Homemade Survival Fire

lot of your hard earned money.


One of the basic survival skill is building a fire. Common are the homemade fire starters and kindling.  My preferred one is the Vaseline covered cotton ball. These will burn extremely hot for about five minutes or so. Drier lint is also a good tinder but burns very quick, so be sure to have some fine kindling that will catch fire easily.

Burn fabric, fatwood and steelwool are additional alternatives. But Vaseline coated cotton balls in my opinion is the best options for making a quick fire.


It is virtually impossible to make a water purifier at home.  But you can make homemade water filters that will improve the taste and clarity of your collected water.  You can then sterilize to neutralize any pathogens. Charcoal from aquariums and clean material crammed in PVC or clear elastic pipes could be used to sifter dirt, sediment, algae and mold spores from water and also reduce any chemical contaminants.

Then all you will need to do is deactivate (kill) the pathogens. To kill the pathogens, a UV sterilization device such as the SteriPen would be a quick option or you could just boil the water or disinfect using iodine or chlorine dioxide (bleach or specifically packed tablets/drops) The homemade water purifiers I’ve made were assembled from other store bought components.

For example, I have mixed and matched components from different systems to come up with something better suited to my needs, but the purification filter itself was always something commercially available.

Candles (light)

You can make emergency candles in Altoids tins or other metal containers with a lid. Here is what you can do. Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard so the width is slightly shorter than the height of the container and then roll up the strip and put it in the container until it’s packed.  Then pour on melted wax and allow to cool.  Stick a match striker and five storm proof matches inside the lid, close it up and seal the lid with electrical tape.


Alcohol stoves are popular DIY projects.  These are made from empty aluminum beverage or food cans.  There’s many different designs, the one I’ve had the most success with is the simple “Super Cat” can stove. Homemade pots, pot stands and wind screens follow this theme.

First Aid Kits

I put together custom made first aid kits and survival kits for friends, family and  myself.  Each Spring I order materials of separate packages of OTC medications, ointments, bandages, etc., and restock old kits and make up

Survival gears

 Learn How To Create
Your Survival Gears

new kits designed specifically for high risk outdoors activities.

Bags (Bugout)

If you are gifted with the skills of sewing, creating or altering sacks, purses, bags and clothing, then you can build your own bugout survival bag.  Everyone has their own ideas and preferences about how and where to carry gear and supplies.  I find that the commercial offerings are always a compromise and expensive at that.

Other Things that you can do.

You can build your own LED flashlights and lanterns. You can make your own knives. You ca make your own Homemade paracord bracelets, straps and belts. You can make your own jerky, dehydrated foods, even complete dehydrated meals..

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  1. I was looking for some DIY ways to make some survival gears instead of spending a lot of money. Now i have some ideas of the kinds of things that I can do on our next family camping (outdoor) trip.

    Great Article. Thanks for the tips.


  2. Roy,

    I am glad that this article was able to sparks some ideas for you on how to start creating your homemade survival gears.

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