Fire Laces – The Ultimate Survival Tool

Striking a fire can get difficult on camping trips if you forget your lighter or your matches end up wet. However, can you believe it that your innocent shoe laces can actually help you out of this predicament?

Fire Laces
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With a set of Paracord shoe fire laces with flint rods, you can do more than just lace your shoes. They make a unique and innovative survival tool with a concealed fire starter in its ends.

Once laced through your shoes, you are equipped with a powerful and 100% legal survival tool.Fire laces are made of 550lb Paracord, and come with 2 steel striking shoelace anchors, and are not only great fire starters, but have other benefits too.

The Fire Lace Features

The fire laces are made from Paracord comprising 7 strands of nylon cord, each spanning 5 feet long, with a fish line strand stashed inside. Each lace pair includes a 10 cm or 4-inch strand of waterproof tinder with a 2.5 cm Ferrocerium rod.

The cord can be used to make a fishing line, secure your tent, and much more. The 7 strands are wrapped in a durable outer cording with flint rods in the end caps. The flint rods when struck against the steel lace anchor, can start a fire. The sharp edge of the steel bar can also double up as a knife to cut smaller items when you don’t have a knife with you.

As the Paracord was originally designed for USAF parachutes, it’s ultra-durable and long-lasting. Moreover, its sturdy flint and steel construction ensures the fire laces last for years. To top it all, they are extremely affordable and you can also save if you buy your fire laces from Survival Frog.

Starting a Fire With the Fire Lace

To make a fire, cut off the steel aglet found at the lace edge and draw out the red tinder wire. Give it some volume using a sharp edge like a knife and then scrape the Ferrocerium rod with something steel to make sparks and get the fire going.

You don’t have to worry about your boots falling off after making your fire as you still have your laces to tie them up. These fire laces are reusable as each ferrorod gives hundreds of strikes. The rods can be removed and recapped, and protected with the rubber cover in between uses.

While it’s difficult to start a fire with a wet ferrorod and even harder with wet tinder, water does not ruin the fire laces. So just try to keep them as dry as possible, by keeping the rubber covers on when not in use. In case the ferrorod does get wet, simply wipe off the surface before striking..