Family Survival Plans – Essential Reading For Every Family

So many people scoff at the idea that they would ever need family survival plans, until they find 

Family Survival Plans

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Family Survival Plans 

themselves smack dab in the middle of the worst crisis of their lives. You do not have to be a conspiracy theorist or end of life as we know it type of person to see the sense of family survival plans.

Whether you believe in an eventual zombie apocalypse or know that natural disasters can occur anywhere you realize that being prepared is something everyone should be concerned about. My Family survival plans by Keith Jacobs, should be considered essential reading for every family around the world!

Inside the Guide

Can Family Survival Plans from Keith Jacobs really make a difference?

The hope is you will never need a guide such as this but ask yourself a very important question, if tomorrow you woke up to a lawless city would you know how to protect yourself and your family?

Inside the guide, you will learn everything you need to know about:

  • Personal Protection
  • Creating a Safe room in your current home (even if it is a rental)
  • Obtaining adequate amounts of food and water
  • Storing water- purifying local water sources
  • Killing/Trapping wild game
  • Preparing wild game
  • Natural sources of protein- (wild source most survival guides miss)
  • Stockpiling on a budget
  • Producing your own food if stockpiles run out
  • Best Guns for home defense
  • Everyday household items you can utilize as weapons
  • Herbal Remedies- medical uses
  • Treating common medical issues before they become emergencies
  • Building a prescription stockpile, (how many pharmacies will be open in a disaster?)

Living on the Go

Do you have a bug out bag?

If you have yet to prepare for a potential life on the go, you are missing essential survival preparedness. In My Family Survival Plans, you will learn what to pack for each member of the household and where to keep your bags for quick departures.

Let’s face it, you never know when a disaster will strike and you should be prepared to head out at a moment’s notice. Having a bag is important, have a bug out bag packed with just the right materials is crucial to survival.

Going Beyond Survival

Simply surviving economic and social upheaval is no minor accomplishment, but why not learn how to come out the other side on top of the heap? Chaos may reign supreme, but this does not mean you cannot learn to trade and even prosper.

In this guide you will learn all about bartering and most importantly which items are going to be better than gold if disaster strikes. Remember, it may not take long for the dollar to become worthless and if you know the 100 items that are going to be in hot demand, you will be in a prime position to provide for your family.

Final Thoughts

Do you need family survival plans?

Maybe not today, but what about the uncertain tomorrow? Emergencies and disasters can strike anywhere at any time, meaning you never know when essential survival skills will be necessary. If you find yourself in the midst of urban upheaval, natural disasters or any other survival situation it is too late to get prepared.

Family Survival Plan guide is one of the few that breaks down survival tactics into easy to complete steps and shows you how you can start now preparing for the worst..

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