Emergency Essentials – Do You Know What They Are?

Emergency essential equipment will be vital for guaranteeing your own survival and the well-being of your loved ones in times of crisis. Many people avoid thinking about such scenarios, which decreases their level of preparedness. Sometimes, however, being prepared will be a matter of life and death.

Emergency Essential
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What Emergency Essentials
will Help You survive emergencies

There are certain emergency essentials you should have on hand at all times that can save your family in crisis situations. The following checklist can be used to find and buy the right kind of survival equipment.

Non-perishable food items can help you survive in the case of a terrorist attack, natural disaster or another emergency that will keep you trapped inside your house. The pantry you create should contain mainly long-lived, high-calorie foods.

Canned foods, beans, flour, rice, sugar and honey are all foods that will remain in good condition for a long period of time. Some other great foods that you should add to your stockpile and have available for an emergency include peanut butter, nuts, cereals, protein bars, sports drinks, powdered milk and bottled water.

Weapons and Protection
Are you capable of protecting yourself and your family? Owning weapons for personal protection can be the key to survival.

Even if you fear guns and dislike having firearms in your house or don’t like handling knives, they are one of the most important emergency essentials. Extraordinary circumstances often lead to chaos. Protecting yourself when people are starting to panic is often connected to owning the right kind of survival gear.

A gun will also be great for hunting purposes. Pair that with a survival knife and you will be ready for providing your family with food over the long term.

Radio and Communication
An emergency radio can be used to keep yourself informed. This little device runs on batteries or it could be a hand-cranked radio. Some emergency radios have a solar panel that can be used to recharge the batteries. The radio will also be great for charging your mobile phone.

If you are a survivalist you should have a fully-charged mobile phone available at all times. Calling for help or notifying somebody of your condition will guarantee your quick rescue.

First Aid Kit and Medicines
Medical supplies rank among the most important emergency essentials. Buy a high quality first aid kit and make sure that it contains the necessary supplies. If an item expires or you need to use it, replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

You should also make sure that you are in possession of some common but essential medical supplies. Pain killers, bandages, tape, aspirin, gloves, a thermometer and disinfectants should be included in your emergency kit.

There are many other items that will make your life easier in the case of an emergency and that will help you survive. Start with the basics and continue building your supply of emergency essentials as you go..