Damian Campbell – The “Survivalist” Guru Exposed

Survivalism refers to the movement of individuals, groups and families who are in active preparations for a wide range of

Damian Campbell


emergencies from catastrophic natural events like earthquakes to manmade events like nuclear meltdowns.

Survivalists like Damian Campbell are well aware of their image in mainstream media – doomsday preppers with little to no basis for their efforts –but continue with their efforts nonetheless because they know better than most people do.

Indeed, survivalists are among the most prepared individuals in terms of food and water, shelter and protection, and medical care in case of major disruptions in the current order.

Non-survivalists are well-advised not to dismiss their efforts because we have several examples of the aftereffects of natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina in the United States and the March 2011 tsunami in Japan, not to mention civil wars and economic depressions. When governments and societies collapse, the most prepared individuals have higher chances of survival.

With that being said, let’s shine the spotlight on Damian Campbell.

The Author

Campbell is an American self-published author of several survivalist guides designed for individuals just starting their journeys in the movement. Nay, his e-books are designed for the general public so that their awareness of societal crisis including food and water shortages will be heightened and, in the process, they can take concrete actions toward protecting themselves and their families.

He is about educating his fellow Americans about the importance of preparedness in the face of apparent abundance and less about survival in an apocalypse. His e-books are filled with useful tips and tricks that can be used to save money on grocery, water and electricity bills in the here and now – no need to wait for a catastrophic event to happen.

His customers will find out for themselves that his survivalist techniques are practical in nature instead of just being hocus-pocus, so to speak.

What makes Damian Campbell stand out from the rest of his fellow survivalist authors? For one thing, he can clearly explain the interdependent relationships between seemingly two disparate events like the water shortage in China and the water abundance in the United States, among others. His readers will learn several things about modern-day societies and their relationship to their daily lives.

For another thing, his survivalist techniques are rooted in actual practice instead of being just a compilation of suggestions from other survivalists. His readers are assured that the tips and tricks in his survivalist guide e-books have been proven effective, efficient and doable even by average individuals with just basic tools and supplies on hand.

Indeed, Damian Campbell makes it so easy for non-survivalists to get into the movement without the paranoia usually associated with it. Even when you don’t believe in an imminent doomsday, you will appreciate the practicality of the survivalist techniques discussed in the e-books.

The E-books

Discussions about Campbell will be incomplete without mentioning his works of which these two e-books are the most popular:

  • Sold Out After Crisis provides comprehensive discussions about the top 37 food items that every household should have in stock in case catastrophic events happen. Readers will know the reasons why for storing these items, when to store, and how to store, among others.
  • Survive Water Crisis is an e-book dealing with the tips and techniques to secure potable water in the face of a water crisis, which the United States will be heading for unless the government steps in to address it.

With just these two books, Damian Campbell has established a good reputation for himself as an expert on survivalism for the general public..