Chewing Gum’s 9 Crazy Survival Uses

Enter into any supermarket, filling station or corner store and you’re going to find packs and packs of chewing gum. 

Chewing Gum Make a Fire
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In Your Survival Bag

What used to be thought about as a sweet has now end up being a natural food (of sorts) as gum makers have actually just recently shift to produce gum that’s healthy for your teeth and will not trigger health problems.

Well my prepper good friend, I’m composing this article today since I want you to think about including chewing gum to your survival kit.

While chewing gum isn’t really on the exact same level as a water filter or an outdoor camping range, I believe you’ll discover keeping a few of this saved in your survival kit or bug out bag can be very beneficial.

Discover Chewing Gum’s Crazy Survival Utilizes

1– Make Use Of The Wrapper To Begin A Fire

While this isn’t really precisely credited to the chewy, rubbery structure of gum, luckily,  you can utilize the wrapper to begin a fire.

All you require is a wrapper that’s got a few of that metallic, shiny product on it and an AA battery and voila, a gum wrapper lighter.

2– Usage Gum To Take Care Of Things

This is where the MacGyver side of gum usage comes out.

The good aspect of gum is its consistency to provides itself to being most flexible and sticky, which is excellent in case you have to take care of something that cannot be taken care of with other tools.

Exactly what precisely can you take care of with gum?

  • Leaking water bottles
  • Dripping radiator hoses in a vehicle
  • Safe and secure loose window panes
  • Hold damaged glasses together
  • And more.

Keep in mind, for the many parts these are short-term repairs, however in a pinch gum can help you out in a fast workaround.

3– Utilize It To Keep Teeth Clean

Among the very best needs to keep gum in your survival kit is due to the fact that it’s a terrific tool for supporting clean teeth.

Gum producers have actually just recently been consisting of (and omitting) specific active ingredients to assist in promoting much better oral health. By chewing the gum, these active ingredients can, in fact, keep the germs accountable for gum illness at bay. Obviously, this isn’t really a replacement for brushing your teeth, however if you’re on the go and desire a light-weight alternative for oral health gum’s a terrific addition.

The very best gums to add into your bug out bag or survival kit for this function are not going to be sugarcoated but will include sweeteners like xylitol and must include some type of peppermint or spearmint oil.

4– Utilize It To Capture Fish

Keep in mind not all fish are going to opt for gum. However, there are particular ones that will.

A few of the fish that likes eating gum are catfish, and minnows, although individuals report they have the ability to capture other fish with gum.

It’s advised you make use of gum with some sugar and some color making this work.

Please keep this in mind that making use of gum as fish bait is a survival trick. Lots of fish will not have the ability to absorb the gum and if they consume the gum it might destroy them. Just usage gum in emergency circumstances.

5– Utilize It To Enhance Food Digestion

Our good friends at Delighted Preppers composed this about how gum can assist with food digestion and queasiness.

Gum helps food digestion and eases queasiness.

Normal chewing gum enhances the saliva production in your mouth. In turn, these
stomach acids assist in breaking down food to help food digestion. Some gum exceeds in assisting in food digestion by alleviating queasiness.

Ginger gum can offer natural relief from queasiness. Ginger gum is perfect for ladies whom might experience queasiness throughout their pregnancy.

Ginger has actually been made use of as a medical herb for countless years. Now you can enjoy its natural relaxing buildings in a quick-acting, great-tasting chewing gum.

Anti Queasiness Ginger Gum is a 100% natural relief of queasiness. Perfect for nausea, early morning illness, basic queasiness, and indigestion or chemotherapy.

6– Utilize It To Remain Concentrated and To Eliminate Tension

If SHTF you can feel confident the level of tension you’re going to be subjected too will be extreme.

Among the very best methods to handle that anxiety is by chewing gum. Gum’s been shown to assist individuals handle anxiety as the continuous chewing and assists your frayed nerves remain calmer. The U.S. National Library of Medication National Institutes of Health discussed in a research study” [Chewing gum] decreases cortisol throughout intense lab mental anxiety.”

Cortisol is your among your body’s primary anxiety hormonal agents, and anything you can do to keep it from surging beyond its typical level is going to assist you to handle tension much better.

Not just does it aid with anxiety relief it can likewise assist to help you to remain psychologically alert and focused in a time of crisis. That’s why the military started including it in soldiers allocates some 70 years earlier.

If you desire gum that truly help your mental awareness you can choose to obtain caffeinated gums which contain 50– 100mg of caffeine per serving. These sort of gum will assist to keep you alert and stimulated in a time of crisis.

7– It Can Enhance Spirits

One element of crisis survival scenarios that people do not notice much is how people will suffer when life is all of a sudden alter for the worse.

The easy act of chewing gum with a terrific taste can assist to make it seem like things aren’t as bad as they are.

You can likewise offer gum to others who are dealing with their brand-new situation as a method of assisting them to adjust. The pleasantry of chewing gum will assist to bring them back to truth, however, with a little grace.

8– Utilize it for Bartering

Believe it or not gum, is in fact, a fantastic tool to trade with.

As pointed out in point number 7, individuals desire things to appear like they’re regular.

“In case the world goes totally off the grid, gum will be a high-end product for barter. The good aspect of gum is that it not heavy and does not cost an arm and a leg. Throughout the Great Depression, sweets ended up being popular and easy to deals with and “gum was heaven,” according to the biographer for Walter E. Diemer who was the creator of bubblegum.”

9– Gum can assist to reduce your cravings

There have actually been several researches that conclude chewing gum is valuable at decreasing yearnings and suppressing hunger; this is among the factors why the military offers gum to soldiers.

Fortunately, there are a couple of gum that works much better at suppressing hunger than typical gum. Yes, regular gum can assist to reduce cravings. However, gums with natural ingredients like hoodia and caffeine have a lot more noticeable effect on hunger suppression.

Why does this matter in a survival scenario?

It’s the last thing you want to consider when the world around you is going to hell in a hand basket is how hungry you are. That’s an excellent way in making a currently challenging circumstance even worse.

The very best Location To Keep Your Gum.

Now that you understand all chewing gum’s insane survival use, you should learn where to keep it.

My idea is to keep numerous packs within your survival kit.

I would suggest keeping it in a container that’s going to keep it safe from unexpected direct exposure to wetness and the environment.

The very best locations is in an emergency treatment kit that is self-contained and safe.

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