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The National Geographic Channel’s program Doomsday Preppers has opened the eyes of many individuals about the importance of a family survival guide.

Of course, the date when modern civilization should have ended from either solar flares or asteroid impact – 21 December 2012 – has passed but that does not mean that you cannot be ready with your survival plan either.

Keep in mind that recession, depression and economic meltdown will also test your family’s survival skills and strategies to the limit.

Here are a few tips to get your family ready for situations when the Great Recession or the Great Depression hits the United States again. Even when the nation is spared, you will have saved money, formed stronger familial bonds, and learned many survival training techniques in the process. These benefits will serve your family in good stead in the future.      

Get Out of Debt
Your family survival guide should include getting out of debt as soon as possible. Yes, a crashed economy will mean that many debts are written-off because everybody else is too busy trying to survive but being debt-free is one less burden on your mind.

Buy Gold and Silver Coins
When paper currency is deemed of little value in the market, gold and silver coins will replace it. Avoid buying collectible coins; your best bets are the maple leaves, half eagles, and krugerands, among others, all of which are considered as investment coins.

Invest in Renewable Power
When the main grid fails, your family will have renewable power to depend on. Solar cells and wind turbines are reasonably priced nowadays so you should have little issue with costs, not to mention that government incentives considerably lower the costs of purchase and installation.
Plus, you will be able to save on your utility bills’ yet another important component in a family survival guide in an urban jungle setting.

Stock Up on Supplies
Do as the doomsday preppers do: Stock up on food, water and clothes, all of which are basic human needs. Keep these supplies in a secure area like in the basement, which you can easily access when necessary. Be sure to add personal hygiene items, too, like soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and insect repellent as well as medical supplies.
Keep a checklist of survival supplies just so you can stock up well. Many a family survival guide has such a checklist that is made into a  family survival kit.

Start a Garden Both kids and adults will appreciate the values of maintaining a garden. Not only will you be able to enjoy organic fruits and vegetables but you will also have plenty to stock up on in the form of jams, preserves and pickled veggies. Even a small backyard garden or an indoor hydroponic garden is a good start.

Teach Your Family Basic Survival Skill Each member of your family should be able to fend for himself until help arrives. You may want the entire family to participate in a survivalist training camp where everybody is taught the basics on:

  • Hunting, gathering and growing food
  • Starting a fire and cooking over it
  • Making shelter
  • Fending off wild animals
  • Using tools like slingshots, bows and guns
  • Filtering water for drinking
  • Using first-aid and hygiene measures
  • Staying hidden

Most important, every member should know the family survival guide by heart as much as possible. Their knowledge may well save their lives later on.

How To Get Started?
The easiest and best way to set up your own Family Survival Guide is to follow an easy step by step plan. Here at we evaluate a number of programs that have been designed purposely for families who want to find out more about family Survival and put together their very own guide.

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